Roof Cleaning In Kent

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Is your roof looking aged, tired, covered in moss and other organic growth? Here at Kent Roof Care we are the specialists at reviving roofs to their former glory.

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Our years of experience allow us to select the correct method of cleaning for your roof – steam cleaning or manual moss removal. We can help you make the right choice.

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As the Roof Cleaning Division for C.L.E.A.N CCS you can be assured that we are a fully insured & registered limited company based in Kent that has years of experience in all aspects of external cleaning, including Roof Cleaning.

The first stage of our process is a survey of your property, looking primarily at the roof size, tile type and of course the safest method of access.

During this stage we listen to your expectations and discuss how we can achieve those – which is dependent upon the type of tile your roof is constructed with.

Once the roof cleaning survey has been carried out we are able to provide you with a full written proposal & quotation provided along with out terms and conditions of booking.

When our team arrive on site they carry out a pre clean roof inspection, looking for any problems on your roof.

Our team visually check your roof tiles, hip tiles, ridge tiles, chimney stack & roof verges for any problems before commencing your roof cleaning.

We use the latest in steam cleaning technology to dislodge dirt and grime from roof surfaces. This exerts less force, which reduces the risk of roof damage. An even more gentle approach is manual roof moss removal.

After thorough steam cleaning, your roof also gets treated with a market leading biocidal roof wash – repelling future moss growth.

We provide a 2 year warranty on any roofs that are steamed cleaned and treated – giving you peace of mind.

Once we have completed your roof cleaning you will be provided with a comprehensive report on the cleaning and the condition of your roof – along with an remedial recommendations that maybe required to your roof.